ARC Veterinary Services
Animal Resource Consulting Veterinary Services
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Diane McClure, DVM, PhD, DACLAM  launched ARC Veterinary Services.  Dr.
McClure recognized that many of her colleagues have unique knowledge and
specialized experience or training that can only be effective transferred by
face-to-face interaction.  She believes matching individuals and institutions with
quality people to help get projects launched or to survive a staffing low.
Do you need help with.......
Research Support or Training

Regulatory Compliance:  IACUC Support, Occupational or Environmental Health

Animal Resource Administration and Operations

Veterinary Care by Laboratory Animal Specialists

Disaster Planning
Why use a consultant?
Hiring a consultant can provide short term relief during staff shortages and hiring searches,
accomplish a critical project  or provide an independent evaluation of ongoing operations.
Consultants also bring expertise to an organization to compliment existing management or staff.  A
consultant be a cost savings when compared to a full-time employee.
The ARC Team (A Little About What We Do)
We have a variety of skills and experience so that we can step in and fill the gap or help you get
your own program started.  If we don't have the know how, we know how to find someone who